How New Generation AI Can Help You Automate The AdWords Work You Thought Impossible

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an increasingly popular approach in paid search marketing. Experts predict it is going to be even more popular next year. The approach consists of creating an automated toolset by using Google AdWords. This could be challenging to those who haven’t used tools for PPC automation a lot.

One of the ways to make the strategy more accessible is to create a simple AI, that will function without the writing code. Previously, a lot of coding rules applied to the process of hard-coding the AI, which made the process tedious. However, the goal with these is to create a tool that can respond to all scenarios possible and make intelligent decisions in each of them. However, this was hard to achieve because situations in the real world are so unpredictable, that they are impossible to fit in one set of rules. Simply put, you can’t possibly predict and write down all the possible combinations and variations of the scenarios that could take place.

Today’s AI’s are designed to react well to one specific task. This is called “narrow AI,” and it solves a particular problem. It is built to be budget effective. Using it, you can automate the vital parts of your AdWord account.

What parts of PPC can you automate?

In general, you can do this with well-defined tasks. These include bid management, budget setting or keyword finding. Though it doesn’t make the process completely automated, a narrow AI will reduce your own workload when it comes to Google AdWords. An added benefit to this is that computers can work constantly, and no distractions cause them to make mistakes. This means that using the software is better than using the hired help.

If you find the process of the Automating AdsAd difficult, breaking the steps down to the task components will make things simpler. You might find it able to automate parts you otherwise thought were impossible.

Decide what you should automate

Not all steps are worth automating. You should decide based on the time the task consumes and the frequency of the need to do it. This way, you will be able to prioritize your PPC work.

Now, you learn to automate

  1. The bid rules

This is the easiest step to automate because you are working with a tool built from Google. If you want to bid the top of the page, the option is already built into the software.

  1. Automated rules

This step can offer more options and flexibility, but it is harder to do. However, it is useful for simple automation.

  1. AdWords Scripts

These are way more effective and customizable. Here is where you can write scripts and automate work on multiple accounts within minutes.

  1. AdWords API

The API allows the developers access to programming AdWords. Using this ability will require knowledge in engineering and the maintaining of the servers which run the API. Though this part requires way more work, it is a part in which you can get creative and exercise your engineering skills.

  1. AI

AI drives the latest machine learning algorithms. You can use them to add predictions to your API.